CFPM, A full service property preservation company located in Florida was opened four years ago by Ronald Bruce Rimes Jr., who has been an experienced worker in this field for over 15 years.  In his younger years he was a field worker on the road performing property preservation work.  At the age of 18 Bruce Jr. was brought into the office and started at the bottom, processing jobs, and eventually was helping run his father’s company!   He was trained by his father, Ronald Bruce Rimes Sr., who is well respected throughout the industry, partly because he has been working in this industry for over 30 years servicing Southwest Florida.  Bruce Jr. has developed a keen sense of the business under his father’s guidance, and has exercised the ability to effectively build and manage a team of office support that are all experienced in the industry.  Our contractors are an asset to us because they care about our company as if it were their own.  We are a current member of N.A.M.F.S. and S.O.F.I so we have plenty of references.  Our office uses Field Comm which was designed specifically for our ever-changing industry; it allows us to make up our own work orders, process and store data, and generate late lists that we go over with our vendors daily! We provide our clients with digital photos for every job; before, during, and after photos of all work completed.  The purpose of the photos is to justify all work completed, bids, and to give the client an idea of the condition of the subject property by taking property condition photos.  We currently employ over 40 vendors in the state of Florida.  We also have quality control inspectors who go behind our vendors just to make sure the jobs are being done right.  Although, we make sure the job is done right the first time!   Bruce Jr. has raised the bar, and has been constantly commended by all of our clients for exceeding their expectations on an annual basis.

At Central Florida Property Management we specialize in every aspect of property preservation that you can imagine, including total rehabs!   We give bids on absolutely everything to make sure our clients have all possible options when declaring a bid approval.  It also generates more work for you and us.  A couple examples are as follows; securing of the property, debris and hazardous debris removal, janitorial/sales clean, yard maintenance, evictions, and anything else that needs to be done at the subject property in question.  We also maintain several close relationships with general contractors in the event a licensed contractor is needed.  CFPM is able to provide a “One Stop Shop” in property preservation at competitive pricing.   We know the business inside and out making us a leader in the industry.  We are known for our 24-48 hour turn-around time and quality that is comparable to none!  We take great pride in the fact that we have a quality support staff capable of meeting your needs and your client’s needs.  Whether it’s our 24 hour internal office support or one of our many quality crews, I can guarantee that our TEAM here at C.F.P.M CAN and WILL exceed your expectations. 

We run our company like a family and are accessible all hours and days of the week.  We have the drive and determination to continually be the best in the industry.  Our mission is to “Preserve our neighborhoods for tomorrow” and by doing so, maintain the integrity of our communities!                                 


Bruce & Lindsey Rimes


Bruce and Lindsey are both natives of Florida and met in Tallahassee while attending college.  In 2002 they moved to South Florida to work with Bruce’s father, Bruce Rimes Sr. of Rimes Property Mgmt., whom also is in the property preservation industry.  Bruce Jr. was in charge of over-looking all aspects of the business from the crews in the field to the employees in the office.  Lindsey worked as the office manager over-looking all job processing and managing all financial responsibilities.  After years of hard work Bruce and Lindsey decided to move to her home town of Orlando and start up their own property preservation business.  Bruce and Lindsey are in charge of making sure all operations are running smoothly and keeping up with quality control to ensure quality work.